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Inappropriate Elimination

The following are some recommendations to try to correct your pet’s inappropriate elimination problem:

Dx Marking:

  • A. Neuter/spay if intact
  • B. Manipulate Environment
  1. Limit exposure to outdoor cats(pull blinds).
  2. Increase or decrease time spent outdoors.
  3. Change significance of marking areas (Food/Toys).
  4. Make marking areas aversive (Foil, Lemon scented up-side down carpet runner, air freshener)
  5. Moth balls in outdoor plantings, window wells, etc.
  6. Feliway - pheromone therapy
  • C. Drug Therapy

Dx Litter Aversion:

  1. Use plain clay or sand-like clay, non-perfumed, 2-3 inches deep.
  2. Scoop urine and feces daily; change at least weekly.
  3. Use only plain soap and water to clean, rinse well.
  4. Do not add Baking Soda or other "odor neutralizers" to box.
  5. Remove hood.
  6. Provide one box per cat in multi-cat households.(Within limits)
  7. Give choice of substrate.

Dx Location Aversion:

  1. Move box to quieter area.
  2. Separate box from feeding area.
  3. Don't punish then put in box.
  4. Improve accessibility of box.

Dx Substrate Preference:

    Alter substrate/surface -- cover carpet with thick plastic, leave water in bathtub--remove alteration gradually.
  1. Place preferred substrate next to non-aversive litter.

Dx Location preference:

    Change significance of preferred location (with food or toys).
  1. Make preferred location aversive (with foil, lemon scent); Remove aversive substance gradually.
  2. Place litterbox at preferred location, gradually return to original location.

Sometimes, rewarding the cat with praise and a special treat every time it uses the box is also helpful. Punishment and confinement are seldom of value in correcting the problem, and indeed, may be detrimental if the punishment is perceived by the cat to be connected with the litter box.